Welcome to SoccerStarz for Schoolz

SoccerStarz are miniature collectable figurines of the World’s best footballers. SoccerStarz figurines are around 5 cm high and including players from Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal and many others, they are proving a hit with kids and football fans alike and are taking the playground by storm!

At SoccerStarz we have come up with an initiative that allows kids to combine their hobby of collecting SoccerStarz and helping the environment with raising money for sports equipment for their school.

Sports are key to kids development and something we feel very passionate about.

By collecting empty SoccerStarz packets or ‘blind sachets’ and sending them to SoccerStarz, PTA’s and schools can claim donations towards brand new sports equipment!

Want to take part? We need your help!

If you are a pupil or student and want to recommend your school to take part in SoccerStarz for Schoolz click For Pupils and fill out the form
If you are a teacher, member of staff or a PTA representative and would like you school to take part, click For Teachers / PTA and fill out the form

A SoccerStarz member of staff will soon be in touch with you to explain how you can claim donations!